Dirty Old Broads Need Loving Too Lighter // ships empty

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3 important things to read:

1. These lighters do not have fluid in them due to USPS laws regarding shipment of lighter fluid. That is something you must purchase separately in order to use them. You can buy it at many department/grocery stores, as well as online.

2. I cannot ship these internationally. That is a legal requirement thing, not something I’m just doing because I don’t want to ship there.

3. Some obvious things, but this is not a toy. It is intended for use by adults 18+. We are not responsible for misuse. Please keep away from children.


-back is blank
-wick oil lighter
-spring action flip top case
-snap shut to extinguish flame
- again, lighter fluid not included(if you’re new to these lighters there are loads of instructional videos available online to figure it out)